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Perfume de Mujer - Argentinischer Tango

This tango orchestra is constituted by the singer Caio Rodríguez and four as beautiful women as excellent interprets giving the music of Buenos Aires this passion that mixes the origin of the tango porteño with the sensuality of the “corte y quebrada” of two tango dancers. Because for the tango two are needed, Caio revives big singers like Gardel and Goyeneche, while his “Chicas” play together from the piano, violin, cello, contrabass and the immortal bandoneon, recreating Piazzola, Pugliese, De Sarli, among other.

Because for the tango, like for the life, they are always needed two complements, Caio Rodríguez arrives with his “Perfume de Mujer”.

Perfume de Mujer

Caio Rodríguez was born in Buenos Aires, in one of the porteños hundred neighborhoods. As son of artist parents and thousands of urban feelings, he has dedicated his life to the music. With more twenty-five years of professional career, he gives to the tango its reference mark of the origins and to the milonga its emotion and its color. Caio Rodriguez has begun his international career from Argentina through Brazil, Chile and Paraguay arriving in Europe fifteen years ago. From that day forward, he has been playing and singing from Mediterrane to the North Sea.

The pianist Ira Hochman has been a member of the Summer Opera Program since 1993 and she has played numerous operas as for example ” Eugene Onegin“ ,”Don Giovanni”,” Gianni Schicchi” and “Falstaff”. She has graduate degree in Piano and Vocal Accompanying at the Rubin Academy of Music in Tel-Aviv and at the Manhattan School of Music. As well as, she has studied conducting, harpsichord and early music performance practice at the Schola Cantorum Basiliensis in Switzerland. In the past 8 years. she has been affiliated at the Hamburg State Opera and Frankfurt Opera as a vocal coach and an assistant conductor. She made her conducting debut at the Hamburg State Opera with Rossini´s “Il Turco in Italia” in April 2005. Since then, she directed a production of Jerom Kern´s “Show Boat “ at the Bern Opera and E.Krenek`s “Das Geheime Königreich” and “Das Schwergewicht”.

Monika Brugaier born in Frankfurt, Germany and she has started to play violin since she was seven years old. During the time at the high school, he did not give up the music and she has studied by the best known music professors in Europe (as Prof. Vorholz and at the Vien University of Music by Gerhard Schulz). She won different prizes and fellowships, for example, “Studienstiftung des Deutschen Volkes”, “Yamaha Foundation” and “Gustav-Lenzewski-Stiftung” Prize.

She has been affiliated as first violin at the Philharmonic Orchestra of the City Hamburg since 1994 and she plays by different classical music Ensembles. She has been falling in love with Tango since the first date with Piazzola’s accords.

Aneta Pajek is a recognized accordion and bandoneon player, great fan and comitted promoter of Argentinian Tango in Poland. She was born in 17.09.1975 in Wolanow (central Poland). In 2002 has succesfully completed “Stanislaw Moniuszko” Music Academy in Gdansk, with the major subject: accordion.

Aneta is the founder of Polish tango group “Guardia Nueva”. Piazzola, Pugliese, Gardel are her masters and guides. Commined to Argentinian music tradition, she gives concerts around Poland and Germany. Together with tango group “Guardia Nueva”, Aneta has frequently taken part in international Argentine Tango Festivals both in Poland and aborad (Warsaw 2005 - 2006, Gdańsk 2006, Hamburg 2006 and Oldenburg 2006).


Caio Rodriguez

Perfume de Mujer



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